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A recent documentary by the Tangible Hope Project highlights the amazing biodiversity of the Cahaba River and our educational work to help protect it.

Watch the film below for a heartwarming interview with Environmental Science Educator La’Tanya Scott about her work to show people their power to protect their waterways.

Director/Producer, Jonathan David Martin takes us on a journey about water, beer, and America’s Amazon in this Tangible Hope Project documentary about the diverse people, businesses, and organizations of the heart of Alabama and the capacity that we have to protect our River.









A recent Op Ed by Ben Raines that appears in the Los Angeles Times about threats to the Mobile River Basin urges that we make a national commitment to save its native bounty:

Hidden away in the heart of the Deep South, one of the nation’s greatest wildernesses is being destroyed, bit by bit, in a silent massacre.
Read this Los Angeles Times OpEd by Ben Raines.

“Two centuries ago, Alabama was first recognized as a land of natural wonders, a place to see things that existed nowhere else.

Remarkably, after generations of indifference and environmental assault, we still hold in our hands one of the nation’s great wildernesses. But the clock is ticking and the loss of species is mounting. The question is, what shall we do with what remains? It is ours to save. Or to lose.”

-Ben Raines


Without recognition and action, Alabama rivers will continue to lose their rich wildlife, yet as a society, we have the power to take action to save this incredible river.

Cahaba River Society is dedicated to restoring and protecting the river and its rich diversity of life, including the diverse people who rely on it.

To be a part of an important cause, please pledge to support our mission today, on #GivingTuesday.

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