Own a piece of art for your vehicle while supporting the beautiful Cahaba River.

When you purchase a Save the Cahaba tag from your local licensing office, $41.25 of your donation goes directly to the Cahaba River Society in support of its work to protect and restore the Cahaba River Watershed and its rich diversity of life.

Already have the Cahaba tag? Please renew! Don’t have it yet? Get the tag that protects your drinking water!

Where can I get a Save the Cahaba tag?

Save the Cahaba tags are available at any Alabama vehicle registration office in the county where you reside. Click here to see a list of offices. You can purchase the Save the Cahaba tag anytime, regardless of your renewal month.

How much does it cost to get a Save the Cahaba tag?

It costs $50.00 to purchase the Save the Cahaba tag, plus an additional one-time $5.00 fee when the newly designed metal tag is issued. Of the fee, $41.25 is tax deductible. The added fee allows you to personalize your plate at no extra cost. If your plate is already personalized, you can have a Cahaba tag for the same fee–no extra cost–and the funds come to Cahaba River Society to protect the River!

Can I personalize my Save the Cahaba tag?

Yes. Personalized tags may be ordered at no additional cost. If your personalized message is approved by the Department of Revenue, you will pay for the tag and will be issued a 60-day temporary tag for each personalized tag ordered. Click here to reserve a personalized tag online. Six characters are available on personalized message.

Can I get a “Save the Cahaba” tag for my other motor vehicles?

“Save the Cahaba” tags are also available for motorcycles and boats.

Save the Cahaba Boat Tag

*The Cahaba River Society is a nonprofit organization. Your donation is tax deductible. Cahaba River Society is forever indebted to designer Umair Khan and Doug Barrett, Associate Professor of Graphic Design, UAB, for this remarkable interpretation of the Cahaba River.

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