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Black Belt CLEAN Coordinator

The Cahaba River Society’s CLEAN program is seeking a motivated individual for a part-time, short term CLEAN Coordinator contract in the Black Belt counties of Bibb, Perry, and Dallas. The position is open until filled. This short-term, part-time project will help Cahaba River Society adapt our CLEAN environmental education program to the unique water resources, people, institutions and opportunities of the Black Belt. Our CLEAN program of hands-on, river-based environmental education was developed in 1996. CLEAN has served over 39,000 youth and teachers with hands-on STEAM education and service-learning stewardship projects
since then, mainly in the upper Cahaba watershed.

Learn more about CLEAN here.

CLEAN strives to serve the full demographics of our “peopleshed” – the area of people whose lives are impacted by the River, including the
entire Birmingham metro area and counties of Jefferson, Shelby, Bibb, Perry and Dallas, with a focus on serving youth of color.

For the program to be effective in the lower watershed, we need to adapt the curriculum to the character of the Cahaba and of water and habitat issues there, find a range of sites suitable for in-water field trips, and connect with schools and youth-serving nonprofits to market the program, so that we can serve online learning needs now and we are ready to serve Black Belt youth with field programs when we are past the pandemic.

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River Sustainability Director

— the application period for this position is now closed and the screening process is underway.

Working on the talented Cahaba River Society staff team is a satisfying, challenging, and fun way to make a real difference for this special river and the region’s drinking water. CRS has a job opening for a River Sustainability Director, who will lead the Cahaba River Society’s advocacy programs to protect and restore water quality, natural flows, and freshwater habitat.

The position’s focus is to improve best practices design of urban growth with green infrastructure and low impact development and to strengthen water resource policies, regulations, management and compliance, while advancing and communicating river science. Expect to spend time on the beautiful and special Cahaba River also, as part of the team for volunteerism, pollution response, habitat restoration, recreation and

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Stewardship Intern

— the application period for this position is now closed and the screening process is underway.

This part -time position (roughly 10 to 20 hours per week) will work as part of a team to remove invasive plant species from the Cahaba River and its tributaries. Streambank restoration projects such as planting native plants to protect vulnerable areas is included, as well as working to produce a “Best Practices Guide” for river-front property owners. This guide will inform landowners on how to reduce storm water runoff, erosion, and streambank degradation, as well as strategies for invasive plant management. This is a grant-funded pilot expansion of the well-established and respected CLEAN Education and Stewardship Program Because this program includes specific grant deliverables in 2021, the successful applicant will need to commit to fill the position from Spring through Fall 2021. A successful project could create opportunity for continuation of the position in 2022.

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