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In honor of the 29-year legacy of retiring Executive Director Beth Stewart, who has been instrumental in the growth, strength, and impact of Cahaba River Society, we ask for your generous support. Your contribution to the Beth Stewart Legacy Fund will continue to lift up the programs that were the heart and soul of Beth’s work to protect this iconic and beloved river.

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During her tenure with Cahaba River Society, Beth Stewart has been deeply committed to growing the community of support and awareness around the Cahaba River, increasing its foundational strength to become steadfast and resilient–just like the river she loves. Over the past 29 years, she was a key leader in ending crisis-level raw sewage dumping throughout the Birmingham area through a Clean Water Act lawsuit in concert with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), created a Supplemental Environmental Project that secured $30 million to acquire stream buffers in Jefferson County and established the regional Freshwater Land Trust, and partnered with local organizations to protect 7,000 acres of Birmingham Water Board land from development.

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With Beth’s leadership, Cahaba River Society helped bring water sustainability into the region’s green building movement, working since the mid-90s to improve state and local stormwater regulation and implementation. She also led the organization as it inspired thousands of future environmental leaders through the power of learning in nature with our Shane Hulsey CLEAN Environmental Education Program. Her passion, knowledge, and dedication to environmental protection, access to nature for everyone, and water equity have made her one of the Cahaba River’s greatest champions.

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Most importantly, we thank you for your greatest gift–your faith and commitment to our work. Your past support has been invaluable in protecting our drinking water, our river, and our communities. We are so grateful for your continued support.