Trae Watson - Cahaba River Society

Trae Watson is an ecological designer, artist, and master’s student at Auburn University studying landscape architecture. He has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Art and Technology from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Trae was a cofounder of the Red Mountain Makerspace, a volunteer for the Sand Mountain Seed Bank, Moundville Archeological Park, Alabama Sustainable Agriculture Network, and the Muskoke Food Sovereignty Initiative.

He is also a gardener in Special Collections at Donald E. Davis Arboretum which includes statewide work with the Alabama Plant Conservation Association.

Trae believes good design includes the harmonizing of species with each other and their geography. Much of Trae’s inspiration comes from his youth growing up on the Little Cahaba River in Shelby County which nurtured his love for hydrology and other causal systems. A jack of many trades, when not studying native plants, he enjoys picking up new crafts and techniques, performing kitchen experiments, exploring on bike or road trip, meeting people, and helping them solve problems.