Randy Haddock, PhD

Dr. Randy Haddock’s phenomenal knowledge of Cahaba biodiversity and his infectious joy at its creatures have inspired generations to love this special river.  Join us to honor his incredible career and celebrate his well-deserved retirement!

Randall Haddock, PhD, Field Director, led Cahaba River Society’s work on the water quality, science, and recreation programs from 1991 until his retirement in 2020. Randy will continue to be involved with Cahaba River Society’s work as a consultant during his early retirement.

Randy provides policy analysis for growth and development issues and for state water quality permits and policies. He coordinates with Tricia Sheets to locate and abate pollution sources, and he works with local governments and developers to improve the design of development to reduce watershed degradation. Randy is one of the south’s notable ecologists and experts on watershed processes and our chief guide and naturalist on recreational canoe trips. He is the recipient of the 2017 River Hero Award from Alabama Rivers Alliance.

Contact:  [email protected]