Dr. Randall "Randy" Haddock - Retired Field Director and River Conservation Advocate - Cahaba River Society

Dr. Randy Haddock’s phenomenal knowledge of Cahaba biodiversity and his infectious joy at its creatures have inspired generations to love this special river.  Join us to honor his incredible career and celebrate his well-deserved retirement!

Dr. Randall Haddock, PhD, served as the Field Director for the Cahaba River Society, leaving an indelible mark on the organization’s water quality, science, and recreation programs. From 1991 until his well-deserved retirement in 2020, Randy dedicated himself to the protection and enhancement of the Cahaba River watershed.

During his tenure, Randy played a pivotal role in guiding the society’s initiatives, ensuring the highest standards in water quality and promoting sustainable recreation practices. His wealth of knowledge and expertise positioned him as a key figure in policy analysis for growth and development issues, as well as state water quality permits and policies.

Post-retirement, Randy’s commitment to the Cahaba River Society endures, as he continues to contribute as a consultant. His involvement spans policy analysis, with a particular focus on growth and development, and collaborative efforts with Tricia Sheets to identify and mitigate pollution sources. Randy remains a vital link between the society, local governments, and developers, advocating for responsible development practices that safeguard the watershed.

Beyond his policy contributions, Randy is celebrated as one of the South’s preeminent ecologists, recognized for his expertise in watershed processes. His passion for environmental education and love for the outdoors made him the chief guide and naturalist on recreational canoe trips, leaving participants with a profound appreciation for the Cahaba River’s unique ecosystem.

In 2017, Randy’s dedication and impact were further acknowledged when he received the prestigious River Hero Award from the Alabama Rivers Alliance, a testament to his outstanding contributions to river conservation.

As we bid farewell to Randy’s official role, we are grateful for his enduring commitment to the Cahaba River Society’s mission. His legacy is woven into the fabric of our organization, inspiring future generations to safeguard and cherish the Cahaba River watershed.

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