Ann Trondson

Ann is the former Director at the Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute located in Hoover, Alabama. Trondson loves having the opportunity to work with young men and women and give them the job training they need to succeed in life. She is also highly invested in Aveda’s commitment to the environment by creating products that are naturally derived from plants and flowers and the company’s support of institutions and projects that help protect the environment. Through her leadership with Aveda, Trondson was also instrumental in successfully leading the largest spring fundraiser for the Cahaba River Society last spring through the Aveda’s EarthMonth Campaign. Trondson is also fiercely passionate about art. She received her Master of Fine Art from the University of Southern California and has shown her own work nationally and internationally. Trondson recently co-founded Vinegar, an artist collective here in Birmingham that coordinates art interventions around the city.