Our Environmental Education Department is developing video versions of our most popular field trips, complete with supplemental study materials, teacher guides, and more.

Watch for these field trips to be introduced throughout Summer 2020!

Macroinvertebrate Survey Virtual Field Trip

Follow our environmental educators to a beautiful section of the Cahaba River to explore beneath the water's surface and discover the creatures that live there. Learn about these special animals and what their presence means about the health of the River, and then our staff will show you everything that you need to conduct your own macroinvertebrate study in a water body near you!


Fish Survey Virtual Field Trip

Let's go fishing! What fish will our environmental educators catch in their nets? Where do they live, what do they eat, and how do they reproduce? Learn about these special creatures and their unique adaptations, and find out what their presence indicates about the health of the river. Our Cahaba experts will show you a whole world of biological diversity that's busy thriving beneath the surface of the Cahaba River. Take this new knowledge along on your next fishing trip to get a better understanding of your catch.


Creative Writing Virtual Workshops

Craft your own poem inspired by nature with Tina Mozelle Braziel, winner of the Philip Levine Prize for Poetry for her bookKnown by Salt, the Magic City Poetry Festival 2019 Eco Poet, and director of the UAB Ada Long Creative Writing Workshop for high school students.

Explore the connections between art and nature as Tina takes you to beautiful sections of the Cahaba River that are sure to bring you inspiration.

Ode and Anti-Ode Creative Writing Workshop (11:20)

Learn to write a poem of praise or a poem of complaint. Click for this full Virtual Field Trip!

Greater Romantic Lyric Creative Writing Workshop (10:20)

Learn to write a poem in the Greater Romantic Lyric style. Click for this full virtual field trip!