Allison Manley - Cahaba River Society

Allison is a volunteer in the community with a passion for protecting Alabama’s natural resources.  She has served as treasurer for Friends of Jemison Park and is community project chair and past horticulture chair of The Little Garden Club (member of Garden Club of America).

Working with Birmingham Botanical Gardens, The Little Garden Club, Friends of Jemison Park, and Cahaba River Society, Allison has participated in efforts to propagate and plant native plants and trees around the city of Birmingham.  Allison was instrumental in forming a partnership between The Little Garden Club and Cahaba River Society.  Through Garden Club of America’s Partners for Plants program, The Little Garden Club works to help Cahaba River Society restore the banks of the Cahaba River by removing invasive species and reestablishing native plants.  In her spare time, Allison enjoys digging in the dirt, adventures in cooking, experimenting with natural dyes and time with family.