Kimberley Glover

Kimberley is a Quality Assurance Manager at Atlas RFID Solutions with over 20 years of experience across the telecommunications, publishing, and manufacturing industries. Kimberley leads and oversees the development, management, implementation, and sustainability of all quality assurance activities.

Kimberley loves to volunteer and serve her community through outreach programs designed to meet and help our fellow neighbors of the world whether it is in the greater Birmingham area or globally via mission trips.  Kimberley also has a passion for education and is actively involved, along with her husband with their two children. In her spare time, you might find Kimberley wandering the trails with her family or pup, Stokely, at Red Mountain Park, as she is an outdoor enthusiast and adventurer lover with a special interest in hiking, hot yoga, kayaking, orienteering, bush crafting, fishing, and gardening.