cahaba lily

May 13, 2019

Guided Canoe Trip: Moonlight in the Lilies–RESERVATIONS FULL!

On this tour, you will experience the Cahaba lilies by moonlight. These unique plants have evolved to attract a nighttime pollinator, the sphinx moth. Their stunning white blossoms glow beneath the moonlight and evening is when they release the aroma of their nectar. This night time tour will allow you to see the lilies in a whole new light.

May 11, 2019

Guided Canoe Trip: Cahaba Lily Tour I–RESERVATIONS FULL!

You will see the beautiful Cahaba lilies first hand in their natural setting. These are rigorous outings that require wading and dragging a canoe over shallow rocky shoals. When very low water conditions occur, we alter the trip so we still see the lilies and enjoy the river, but we avoid a difficult hike down the riverbed. These are our most popular outings, so call soon to reserve your canoe.